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The MLB V-Bat is a a long endurance VTOL design under development at MLB. The aircraft is launched and recovered in a 20 x 20 ft area and can fly for up to 10 hours with a 5 lb payload. Versions as large as 10 ft in span and 70 lb and as small as 6 ft in span and 12 lb have been tested to date. The first production version will weigh 55 lb and have a 8 ft span.

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MLB V-Bat VTOL Launch & Recovery

VTOL Launch & Recovery

MLB V-Bat UAV - Launch and Recover from 20 x 20 ft area.

Affordable UAV for a Wide Variety of Applications

MLB V-Bat UAV - Affordable UAV

10 hour duration, 60 kt cruise

MLB V-Bat UAV - Low cost UAV

Launch and recover from 20 x 20 ft area


V Bat Specs

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Name: MLB V-Bat
Uses: Surveillance and monitoring, mapping, research and development, and many more.
Country: USA
Power: 150cc gasoline + oil (40:1) 2-stroke engine
Dimensions: 8.0 x 8.0 x 2.0 feet
Weight: 55.0 lb
Speed: 0 to 90 kts
Duration: 10.0 hours nominal @ 40 kts
Ceiling: 15,000 feet
Range: 400 miles (fuel limit), 10 mile radius live telemetry link limit (increased telemetry range with optional equipment)
Sensors: Cloud Cap TASE 300 stabilized gimbal system
Payload: 5.0 lb
Data Link: 2.4 GHz video downlink, 900 MHz 2-way modem. Optional long range links available.
Launch: Autonomous vertical take-off , 20 x 20 ft area.
Guidance: MLB flight control system, fully autonomous VTOL operation. Mission plan created with MLB graphical user interface
Recovery: Autonomous vertical landing , 20 x 20 ft area
Operational: Winds up to 25 knots, moderate precipitation

V Bat Options

Custom payloads, geometry and options available, please contact us.

V Bat Applications

  • VTOL launch and recovery
  • Launch and recover from 20 x 20 ft area
  • 10 hour duration, 60 kt cruise
  • Low cost

Your ideal UAV system for:

  • Shipboard operations
  • Small unit surveillance
  • Urban monitoring
  • Force protection
  • Agricultural and wildlife mapping