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The V-Bat is a long endurance VTOL design ideal for shipboard and confined area operation. A ducted fan design maximizes operational safety by eliminating exposed rotors. The aircraft is launched and recovered in a 20 x 20 ft area and can fly for up to 8 hours with a 5 lb payload. The V-Bat will be available for sale in 2015.


MLB V-Bat VTOL Launch & Recovery

VTOL Launch & Recovery


Affordable UAV for a Wide Variety of Applications

MLB V-Bat UAV - Affordable UAV

8 hour duration, 50 kt cruise

MLB V-Bat UAV - Low cost UAV

Launch and recover from 20 x 20 ft area


Custom payloads, geometry and options available, please contact us.


  • VTOL launch and recovery
  • Launch and recover from 20 x 20 ft area
  • 8 hour duration, 50 kt cruise
  • Low cost


V Bat Specs

Your Ideal System For
Specifically developed to address a critical mission gap at the tactical level and in restricted launch and recovery applications such as shipboard and urban locations, small unit surveillance, urban monitoring, applied ISR, force protection, LE, and and wildlife/anti-poaching activities.  V-BAT provides the warfighter with a small vehicle or foot-mobile platform with capabilities that dwarf currently deployed systems, such as Puma and Raven, in all categories; including up to 10X increased flight time, 5 to 7 lb payload, and the ability to recover in areas as small as a residential courtyard or even a roof top.
Wing Span: 9 ft (2.7 m)

Length: 9 ft (2.7 m)

MGTOW: 60 lbs

Payload: 8 lb

Engine: 157cc 2-stroke engine

Fuel Capacity: 20 lbs

Fuel Type: Mogas 90 octane or higher  40:1 oil mix

Horsepower: 13 HP

Electrical Power Generation: 150 Watts

Data Link: LOS FM data link for command, control, and video, with 35 mile range

Sensors*: Cloud Cap TASE 150/200/400 Gimbal, Canon 1-D, Tetracam Mini-MCA Multispectral Camera, & many other client-specific payload options

*Other sensor options available, please contact us for details.

Endurance: 8+ hours at 40 kts

Operational Ceiling: 15,000 ft

Speed Range: 0 to 90 kts

Telemetry Range: 35 miles*

Fuel Range: 300 miles

* Optional long range data links available

Launch: Vertical take off 20 ft x 20 ft

Recovery: Vertical landing off 20 ft x 20 ft

Wind: Up to 25 kts

Precipitation: Moderate